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Congregation: Crossover Church
Location:   MI
Phone : (h) / (w)
Starter's Name : Kenneth A Nether
Email Address :
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We exist to help people grow closer to Jesus Christ. We want to reach people who are fair away from God, Raise people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and Release people to make a difference from the kingdom of God.

Ethnicity : AfricanAmerican
Focus Group : Unchurched
Facilitator :        

Church Plant Progress Worship Information
Prayer Strategy Development
Vision Birthed
Planting Strategy Developed
Primary Sponsor Secured
Core Group Meeting
Public Launch
Average Worship Attendance : 60
Average Small Group Attendance : 0
Worship Location:  
Worship Time :

Ministry & Prayer Update (Updated on 4/6/2017)
Increase Financial Support

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